• Painted Prayers - Love Yantra

    Dana Karpain

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    Acrylic on Canvas
    20"X20"x1.5"~ Original Available for Purchase ~ $1,497.00

    *5x7 Greeting Card w/Envelope printed on Archival Matte Paper


    Love is now, love is here. Open my heart and remove all fear.
    With a heart that is healed, and a heart that is whole,
    reveal what love wants me to know. May I find and be the love I desire.
    To love and be loved I here aspire. Attract to me love that is true.
    Let me care and be cared for ever anew. Krishna, Christ and all beings o love,
    send me your blessings from above.

    Copyright ©2015 Dr. Lisa Love

    Mantra for Love Yantra:
    Om Kleem Krishnaaya Namaha

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