Dana Karpain
has termed his art style 
Contemporary Art Design which represents his education and influences in contemporary art and graphic design. His artwork is inspired by his extensive yoga background, (See his Painted Prayer Series), and far-reaching world-wide travels. His Artwork is intended to vibrate and inspire a state of elegant simplicity, harmony and remind us of our Divine, fun and relaxed peaceful self. 

Dana graduated from the College of Creative Studies with a Fine Arts degree from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and has served as the Art Director for the “Center for the Peaceful Self” in Ojai, CA, as well as a Yoga Retreat and Conference Center in Virginia where he garnered the PIVA (Printing Industries of Virginia) award. He has earned several first place awards in various fine arts shows. Dana’s art work has been represented by galleries such as the Central Coast Art Gallery, Carpinteria Art Center Gallery and the Crown Plaza Gallery. In addition, Dana’s personal art shows have exhibited at different venues such as the Synopsis Corporation in Silicon Valley, CA, the Soho Restaurant and Music Club in Santa Barbara, CA and The Crown Plaza Hotel in Ventura, CA. 
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 “Life’s a beach. Artist Dana Karpain’s tropical-themed paintings are packed with sunshine and will give you
a summery feeling all over.”
—Santa Barbara Independent

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