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You own all copyrights to your work. That simple.

Ordering process

Your customers
    a) browse and purchase through
    b) purchase directly from links on your website, or via email, facebook, etc
    c) purchase directly from embedded products on your website (Premium feature)

We print your image(s) in (1) business day, package, and ship to the customer

What you get:


Premium Features

$75   { tank of gas }  or  { an ecommerce page to sell your art }

Buy a Premium Account and get your own eCommerce page on

- Premium members get their own page to display searchable images as a collection { here's a good example }
- Your bio and profile image (optional)
- artists enjoy competitive, price matching print prices vs. industry standard print prices
ONE TIME FEE - no recurring hosting charges! 
Your Art Featured in Marketing Materials & Galleries
  A great tool ~ get your art in front of potential buyers online and in print

- don't have a website? use your personalized fineartbistro page at trade shows and other venues to sell your work
- already have a website? Premium members are supplied Embed Codes for each product and/or entire collection of images
  This allows you to sell work directly from your website! Viewers never leave your site. A very powerful tool. 
  a great example of embedded products in an artist site: 

HTML Support - Premium Members receive help setting up their embedded products into their current website, with the option of:
  1) embedded products throughout your site or your entire collection on a single page on your website
  2) simple HTML links to your products that direct buyers to
     (a good option for artists who like to keep their site e-commerce free)

Shipping & Handling process

- Once an order is placed, artist is automatically notified of sale
- Fineartbistro prints, packages, and ships print(s) direct to customer
- Shipping & Handling cost is deducted from sale amount*

*Typical S&H is $8. Maximum shipping cost for large prints is $15.
  It is recommended for artists to factor in S&H handling costs into each list price

*Why is S&H $8/$15? = Mailing Tube or Flat Packaging + Postage
  If final S&H only costs $5.99, for instance, then Fineartbistro will only deduct $5.99 from the final sale price.


How much do I get paid?

Premium Signup: 
Customer Buys a Print = Sale Price - Print Cost - S&H - 10% admin fee
Customer orders your 16x20 Archival Pigment Print listed at $100.00
$100 sale price - $20 print cost - $8 S&H - 10% admin = $62.00 direct deposit 

Original Artwork: 
Original Sale Price - 20% commission
Customer orders your one-of-a-kind original listed on for $100.00
$100 sale price - 20% commission ($20) = $80, less processing fees $3 (or, typically 3%)
= $77 transferred to you via PayPal within 14 days

Shipping & Handling: Artist packs and ships to customer.

How & When will I get paid?

Payments are issued bi-weekly by direct deposit via Paypal.
We recommended using your PayPal email address for your Fineartbistro Account.  
Paypal account is currently required - create an account

Sounds Great, Let's Sell Some Art!