• The World of Glimpse - Book

    Ellen Palestrant

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    The World of Glimpse... a make-believe and theatrical world of contagious rhythms, luminous color, vibrant landscapes... Lunaberry Forest, The Lake of Imaginings, and Jumpaloon Mountains, to name but a few – and inventive wordplay with its own glossary – called The Glimpsary. The Glimpsibles of Glimpse live a life of creativity, productivity, collaboration, and joyful exuberance. Six Glimpsible Sparks, who each have their own color-essence, and who each have discovered and perfected their unique paths, are the protectors of The World of Glimpse. A seventh and final Spark has yet to be discovered. Spunktaneous, a Glimpsible, is invited to embark on a journey to become the seventh and last Spark. Will he succeed? Then there is Sooma Sooma... the junk-dump of the universe and home to the Dreaded Drooma. It is a dark, murky, litter-botched, discordant repository for the worst of everything – including the worst of ideas. The avaricious Drooma begrudge and covet everything. These spectroscopic parasites spend their time plotting how to extradite the color and joy from Glimpse. Because Glimpse is a world of creativity, and Sooma Sooma is one of destructivity, the two collide. The luscious landscapes, philosophical insights, and theatricality found throughout this book will transport the reader into another reality. Ellen Palestrant’s The World of Glimpse, is in a genre all of its own. So... skedaddle from your mind all you know... some fiddle faddle will unwind... your flow.
  • The World of Glimpse - Book
  • The World of Glimpse - Book

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