• Reshpu Lord of Might

    Ptahmassu K. Nofra-Uaa

  • $75.00

  • Description

    4.5" x 8" on 8" x 10"
    Original - 12.5"  x 7.5", 
    22 Carat Gold & Acrylic on 8 x 10" Archival Panel (Sold)

    The Canaanite God Reshpu (also known as Reshef or Reshep) was inducted into the Kemetic pantheon during the New Kingdom, and became the focus for an ardent cult centered in the ancient capital of Mennufer (Greek Memphis). Reshpu embodies not only martial valor, removal of obstacles and destruction of enemies, but is also a healer, and in particular of abdominal disorders. The dorcas gazelle is the natural representative of the wild forces and energy harnessed and tamed by Reshpu, Whose power embraces all those who call upon Him for delivery from disorder.

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