• Aurora


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    Original: 18 x 24", Oils on Canvas Board

    This piece was created for my dear Priestess friend who had just been through the Santa Barbara fires that took her home. The losses were immense. She asked me to create a painting for her so that she could ReMember her strength and her magic.

    A personal request for Art, reflecting into the nature of the receiver is Soul Essence work. This painting is the outcome of a deep dive into Archetypal layers and qualities of oneself. The visioning journey is strong for both the Artist and the buyer of the piece. Essence pieces, being much like a birth, requires months of preparation and careful time to evolve and bring forward.

    So you see AURORA..
    Purple Storm of initiation merging into blue skies. Her garment is the lightness of the passing of the winds of trials. Lightening and the Prophetess Owl, as well as the Gentle Joy full Hummingbird, are present.

    Blue water Lotus is the glorious witness and reflection in the waters of Prayer. She is on her knees and she is also in the Breath ...Gloriously Awake.

    Still the Temple Home lives inside the body with invitation to ascend the stairway of the Heart, giving expression to the Flame of Love through all circumstance.

    Blessed BE the Journey.

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