I draw, paint, and photograph. 
I also layer, manipulate, and come to own my images with computer or gold leaf or collage.
I melt vinyl records, decorate them with birds and flowers for one-of-a-kind hats. I make artists’ books and masks. So, my art includes a wide variety of media and subject matter, and I have a lot of fun! Enjoying what I do is important to me, and if it works out to be aesthetically pleasing, that’s a bonus! So, I make a lot of mistakes, and that is how I roll. In my early days, I did some modeling on the beaches and in the mountains of Santa Barbara, CA. with photographer and friend Tony Belmont. I include these images as part of my portfolio with Tony’s permission, and because they have a truly timeless quality.

Because I am a healing artist and educator for over thirty years now, working with both children and adults, I have noticed in myself and my students, the cathartic effects of making art and journaling. We are all capable of growing and changing, and of moving toward our own manifestations of wholeness. Through my Art TheraPlay work, I offer classes, presentations, demos, and private sessions with activities and projects that may include vision boards, with guided visualizations; mandalas and sand paintings, with meditation; or mask-making, with an exploration of persona. My sessions provide the opportunity to be present in the moment. It’s an immersive experience! I hope you enjoy the selection of images in my portfolio! 

Paris Almond

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