Each IVNS student created their own bird by drawing ovals, circles, and triangles on patterned paper of their choice and then they cut out their shapes and adhered them to the canvas to creatively look like a flock of birds.
The pieces were created for the annual IVNS Art Show in May 2019. 


Nicole Stirling; owner of Stirling Studios

I am an artist with a passion for bright colors, tiny details and intriguing patterns. I am also a lifelong Tahoe local so I feel the need to use Tahoe items, shapes and materials from the basin or reminiscent of the area.  I’m super passionate about the lake, the water, the forest and all the creatures and beings inhabiting our tiny spot on the planet.

I started painting at a very young age and am very passionate about creating with paint. In the past few years I’ve been focused on mandalas.

I frequently can be found in the evenings huddled in my cozy home studio in Kings Beach with music on and my kids playing on the floor. I thrive with lots of color, joy, and wonder in my life – and I love every second of it.


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