Marc Mirabile, 1973 – 2014 

                          Rest in peace, Dear Friend


"Recently transposed from a numbing Upstate New York winter, I found myself on a beach in Southern California. In the span of a week I left my family, my friends and all that I knew and loved to venture cross-country embarking on a new path for myself. Needless to say, the transition was amazing in so many respects. My reason to relocate was a simple one: I moved to pursue and attain a BFA in phtoography. Feeling like a fish out of water in my new environment I ventured to the beach to calm my nerves. It was late, dark and not your picturesque vision of a beach. There were no couple holding hands strolling into the sunset, no dogs romping and no one tossing Frisbees or surfing the curling waves. The moon was full and I was alone. Perched on a beached rock  I spent an hour or so just embracing the change in my life. As the breeze from the ocean filled my nose with foreign smells I was reminded of how distant I was from home. Listening to the waves collapse in awkward repetition I pondered the patterns in nature that I love so much. It was in that place at that moment that the seed was planted for the work that you see before you. I have always cherished being in nature. I have spent most of my adult life searching out wonderful and inspirational places where I can spend time quiet and collected, to soothe my spirit. Atop that lone rock on the beach I realized something so simple about myself that had eluded me until that moment. The simple realization was that I needed to find a way to express to others my love for nature. I asked myself some very simple questions. As a phtographer, how do I share the wonder of space as well as the powerful feeling of time in places that are so amazing? How do I allow others to experience these places of power that I find? How do I express them in a manner in which the viewer will truly feel what I felt, long to stand where I stood and witness what I saw? Quite simply, the images in this show are the response to those questions that I had asked myself that night."

~ Marc Mirabile

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