As long as I can remember, I have traveled in daydreams to far-away places. My love of reading fueled my imagination.
I see my work, DREAM STORIES FROM ANOTHER TIME, as an extension of my reveries.
I love color, so my work begins with acrylic washes.  Then I enter the surface with pen in hand, and begin to draw what seems to just appear. As I work, I add colors, using various types of colored pencils, craypas, and crayons.

My work is contemporary, yet has been influenced by Persian miniatures, castle tapestries, Paul Klee, and folk art thrown in to the mix. Whatever my work is called, it is meant to be enjoyed. I encourage the viewer to "sail away to ports far-away"; to dream, hear songs, make up stories and poems; to be joyful, climb up and down the mountains, join the processions, smell the flowers, enter the castles and to experience imaginary landscapes."


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